The perfected and strictly guarded production process begins with selecting the highest quality wheat that is used to produce quality spirits in 7-column distillation; the resulting spirits are then refined using a proprietary activated carbon purification process to ensure smoothness and refinement for the senses. In this stage the spirits are subjected to strict analytical and sensory testing to ensure they are up to the highest standard set by the final product - Goral Vodka Master.

The second component of Goral Vodka Master is given equal attention: exceptionally high quality water from Tatra mountain springs.


In order to combine these elements and to provide ample time to ensure their harmonization the vodka undergoes rigorous 7-pass micro filtration through natural materials as the most important part of the production refinement process.  The success of the finished product also lies in the heart and soul of an ancient recipe. This is why Goral Vodka Master always rises to the forefront in a sensory comparison between it and the best vodkas the world has to offer.


Are you of legal drinking Age? Goral Vodka MASTER brand supports responsible drinking. Consumption of our alcoholic drinks is not recommended for young people under 18, and in the US under 21. Please verify you are of legal drinking age!

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