Water is an inevitable part of Goral Vodka Master. Water, as we all know, is a unique phenomenon – it is a medium that carries information on the quality of environment through which it flows. Our water reflects strength, clarity, freshness and springiness of Tatras’ springs. Geological researches show that the water flows through quarternary sediments of Zuberec and Biely Potok complexes. The water flows a long path from Belianske Tatry up to the cauldron subsidence of Ľubovniany, during which it is enriched with mineral composition and is filtered through rocks that can be dated back to Palaeogene and Post-Tertiary.



The secret to the Goral Vodka Master lies in the use of high quality hard wheat and in following the prescribed production process meticulously. The top-level experts agree that quality vodka is produced by a continual distillation of the clear wheat yeast starter with the temperature of the distillation so low that within limits, the end product contains only ethyl alcohol and the lowest amount of other (so called smell-carrying) additions. Only vodka made from quality wheat has a delicate fine taste and leaves a beautiful spicy-velvet sensation in mouth.



A perfect production process starts with the selection of wheat of the highest quality from which a quality alcohol is made by using the 7-column distillation. It is refined with special carbon-refined processes that ensure smoothness and fineness in regard to perceptive senses.



The system of micro-filtrating the Goral Vodka Master seven times uses technologically most advanced methods that positively influence its qualitative characteristics. Vodka is filtered through a special mixture of natural materials that ensures its smoothness and fineness. These technological operations use the system of oxidizing the ethanol with oxygen out of active coal, which absorption, developed surface, time and speed of flow through elements of natural rock ensure originality of the product.